Are you feeling tired? Stress does not only impact your immunity but also how you appear physically. When you have a lot of work, you can get a lot of sleepless nights and even a lot of takeaway food. Coking is hard when you are trying to fit in a bit of sleep in a very hectic schedule, however when you finally have the chance to take a day off, you usually only get sleep and a whole lot of time in the couch in front of your television. Working out may not come to mind really, after the exhaustion your body went through for working the whole week, fatigue does not help you hold a plank for even a minute. 

So as someone who does her best throughout the week, what can you do to ease the stress away? 

  1. Go on a weekend getaway: If you are a very busy individual, I’m pretty sure you don’t have much time on your plate even on the weekend and you can only fit a bit of rest. Going on a weekend getaway, not only helps you get rid of the view of work but also keeps you off your couch. You deserve a bit of rest after a long week and sometimes all it takes is a view of the lake or the ocean. Put on some tan, so you can have that glow to start your workday after the getaway with confidence. 
  2. Paint your nails: You may not be a girly gal but everyone needs to have their nails done. This does not only add to the look you’re trying to pull off, this is also a therapeutic way to just sit there while you wait for those nails to dry If you have extra time, grab a foot massage as well. 
  3. Pamper your skin: Stress can aid in aging your skin and as someone who is always on the go, you don’t want to be looking old while trying to put off an outfit that you spent an hour to choose. If you are too stressed, grab a facial, this does not only involve chemicals which exfoliates and moisturizes your skin but the gentle movements while doing a facial can help in blood circulation and helps with the glow you want to achieve. 
  4. Get those lash extensions: If you want to look fresh, you need to have eyes that say so. Working too much can only bring you little sleep resulting to bags and dark circles. Good thing about today’s generation is how flawless skin can be achieved through makeup, so put on some concealer and your dark circles are nowhere to be found. How about those droopy eyes? You can’t cover sleepy eyes with concealer, but don’t you know that having lashes on can make your eyes look more awake? So, what are you waiting for, grab that lash extension promo now!  
  5. Massage: You need a massage! Massages can alleviate the back pain you have been dreading the whole weak. It can help in getting that soothing feeling you’ve been looking for. 

These are some of the basics of how you can treat yourself after a long hard week. So, if ever you want to get all these without the hassle of booking a lot of places, a salon spa near me might get the job done for you. provides you all these services with the bonus of a beautiful beach view! Book your appointment now and pamper yourself!